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Build a strong remote team in Mexico at great cost

Are you interested in expanding your team but worried about the personnel cost? If you want to grow your company strategically, hiring remote employees in Mexico is the solution. We can help you to build a virtual team, and we will take full responsibility of:

  • Finding the right Candidate
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Facilities and Equipment


What we
do different

We offer you a governance framework that allows improve the performance of the project, help it become more stable and productive, and unlock new opportunities.


Process performance metrics well defined it


Business continuity plan to reduce costs and duration of any disruption


+15 years of experience in HR & Recruitment process internationally


Hire remote employees

Is your company from a different industry? Don’t hesitate, we can help you. Hire the right candidate, have and outstanding employee experience and an agile governance: great results guaranteed!

IT Support

Engineering & Design

Marketing Assistance

Small Business Support

Finance & Accounting

Medical Processing

High Tech

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Media and Entertainment



Consumer goods and retail


Why Juarez city?

Strategic location on the border Juarez (Mexico) and El Paso (USA), Same time zone, Similar culture and values, Bilingual and Qualified talent

Recruitment Services in Mexico

Our team

We love hard work and a sense of urgency to meet customer needs. We have experience with a variety of cultures and enjoy talking to people from different countries

Empresa de Reclutamiento en Chihuahua
Cristina Gallegos
Reclutamiento en Ciudad Juárez
Mauro Castillo
Reclutamiento en Ciudad Juárez
Montserrat Delgado
Reclutamiento en Ciudad Juárez
Rosario Rosales
Compensation & Benefits
Empresa de Reclutamiento en Chihuahua
Jesús Muñoz
Chief Financial Officer

Looking por recruiting experts to fill your positions?


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Discover how Staffing in Mexico can be cost-effective with our quality certificated process and our experience in recruiting the best Talent.

    15 years of recruitment experience

    Benefits of working
    with Tarah Tech

    Tarah has more than 15 years of recruitment experience to build the best team and offering you the best human resources services in Mexico

    Our processes are quality certificated: Six Sigma Methodology

    Guaranteed saving costs on personnel management

    A dedicated team working 45 hours a week

    A client manager who will guarantee oriented results and customer satisfaction

    A great employee experience, helping you to maintaining and reduce the turnover in the team